Model R.V. 500

This surface grinding machine with fixed table is supplied with:
  • Wheel flange and Cup wheel
  • Semi-automatic dresser
  • Coolant system
  • Instruction Manual
  • Set of service wrenches
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The peculiar feature of this Grinding machine with fixed table is the maximum distance between wheel and base: it is mm 300, technical datum that allows grinding, also with this Surface Grinding Machine, workpieces of notable height, singularly or in series: tools, punches, die-shop components and others.

The perfect work conditions of the Grinding Machine can be maintained, also along the years, due to the possibility of intervening to recover the eventual wear of the vertical translation screw and by re-aligning the wheel motor to the axis, achieving optimal performances in time, too.

This vertical-axis Grinding machine is provided with:

CAST IRON BED to maintain the geometric stability of the grinding machine in time, too. CAST IRON COLUMN, protected by bellows and supported by tapered adjustable precision bearings, broadly sized for this type of grinding machine with fixed table. Three-phase MOTOR air-cooled by double jacket, to prevent the overheating of the grinding machine motor during continuous machining and to keep the temperature of the motor shaft and of bearings constant. Hardened, ground and dynamically balanced SHAFT, supported by precision ball bearings, widely sized for this type of grinding machine with fixed table and self-adjusting by means of springs for the backlash preload, to absorb thermal expansions. VERTICAL TRANSLATION SCREW supported by opposite and adjustable ball bearings, with apt motion for maintaining, in this model of grinding machine with fixed table, the wheel work field free from hindrances and for avoiding dust depositions. Metal BELLOW for a better protection of the vertical translation screw of the grinding machine. Opposite bronze NUTS, for the recovery of the eventual wear in time of the vertical translation screw of the grinding machine with fixed table. REGISTRATION DOWELS to re-align the wheel motor of the grinding machine to the axis, obtaining parallel surfaces also in time. HANDWHEEL of the grinding machine, supported by three bearings and engaged on the screw by means of a pair of helical gears, equipped with graduated drum, supported by a trust bearing, for a stock removal of mm 0.01 – 0.02 – 0.03 for each single pass; the rapid feed per handwheel turn is mm 2. KNOB WITH JACK, for the programmable micrometric feed of mm 0.01 – 0.02 – 0.03 – 0.04 per pulse, which allows a simple use by avoiding the constant increment control. SLOT to permit the maximum use in height of the work field of the grinding machine wheel and to clamp non-magnetic parts and accessories such as: magnetic chuck, self-centering chuck and squares. Low-voltage CONTROLS, protection, indicator light and all requisites to comply with safety and conformity regulations provided for this type of grinding machine with fixed table. HANDLES, SHAPES AND SIZES of the grinding machine with fixed table designed to meet the current ergonomic recommendations for work.



Surface grinding machine with fixed table R.V. 500

Technical characteristics:

Surface Grinding Machine with fixed table R.V. 500

Max. grinding surface mm 150x350
Useful basic surface mm 160x500
Distance between wheel and base (without chuck) mm 300
Cast-iron column mm ø 115
Bellows for drive-screw/column metal/rubber
Hard-chromium-plated column -
Rapid feed per handwheel turn mm 2
Fine infeed mm 0.01 ÷ 0.04
Automatic feed synchronized with table turns -
Semi-automatic dresser included
Wheel motor rotation rpm 2800
Cup wheel (24 grain) included, mm ø 200x78x78
Diamond grinding wheel optional, mm ø 200x50x78
CBN ginding wheel optional, mm ø 200x50x78
Diamond grinding wheel for concrete optional, mm ø 200x50x78
Segment-holder (24 grain) optional, mm ø 200
Segments optional, mm 60x55x22x110
Table swivel -
Table revolutions by means of pulleys -
Table revolutions with speed reduction and speed change gear -
Power-rate of wheel motor kW 3.6 - (HP)(5.5)
Power-rate of rotary-table motor -
Power-rate of electric pump kW 0.06
Magnetic chuck optional, mm 150x300x75(h)
Width x depth of machine mm 1020x820
Max. / min. machine height mm 2070/1960
Net weight kg 400

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